nerdyninjanicole said,
"Have you read Sunshine by Robin McKinley?"


the vampire has the complexion of molding mushrooms or something because he is literally dead but weirdly hot anyway (◕‿◕✿)

and our heroine loves baking and her family and is really involved and active in her own life and maybe thinks he’s hot but also this whole thing is gross and horrifying

but like maybe they could go on an adventure but he is bad at jokes and communication and everything about him is unsettling

but she saves his nonlife eight thousand times anyway 

omg the cinnamon roll descriptions alone

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robin mckinley is so good at quiet vivid characterzation and thematic mood and shit like that idk book words. nerdyninjanicole. askbox. sunshine. robin mckinley. book rec.

  1. manticoreimaginary said: God I love Sunshine. She’s the best and I’m so very attracted to mouldy mushroom looking Constantine. (Although my housemate loves RM I’ve never managed to get into her other books. Which is sad, but Sunshine is the very best ever)
  2. queenofattolia said: LOVE. And I love how’t not a romance and she has a good boyfriend who’s really not that necessary to the plot the whole time. BEST.
  3. starnosemole said: character concepts and worldbuilding: good, plot: terrrrrrrribly handled, pacing is what???
  4. hotelsongs said: she named a dessert “eschatology” and i am sort of perpetually angry that i am not eating that dessert
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