guys, if you are a professional thing-maker and you make a thing, and you put it out for people to watch, they get to watch it however they want to. you are not the boss of it anymore. you don’t get to say no, analyze it this way, or yes, enjoy it that way. when people criticize or make fun of your thing, you have to remember that that is their right.

things belong to the people who watch them.

and you do not get to wade into their small discussion spaces— THEIR spaces, THEIR communities, THEIR homes— with your shit-kicking boots and make them feel uncomfortable and apologetic and uncertain about their opinions and feelings. you are a guest here, and you have a lot of power, and you do not get to use it abusively. i know you worked hard on your thing, and you love your thing, but you do not get to follow your thing around around yelling at everyone who engages with it because you don’t like what they’re saying.

you do not get to tell people that their reactions to your thing are wrong.

things should stand on their own.

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you do not get to police your fandoms.. you made the fucking thing. you already have plenty of power over it.. the lizzie bennet diaries. the lydia bennet diaries. in which i talk a lot.

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    Absolutely 100% yes. Authorial intent is not everything. Writers & musicians & artists will unconsciously or...
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    If it is I don’t know what that situation is. O:
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    Is this in response to a specific situation?
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    I wrote a rather long paragraph about this but then deleted it because I decided the original author really said it...