my first copy of the queen of attolia literally fell apart several years ago and i kept all the pieces because you don’t just throw books out

but then i made it into shoes

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i made these over the summer in a two day flurry of modge podge and paper like. i went through and took all my favorite pages and all my favorite passages and organized them according to tone and importance like. NOT ONLY MUST EACH PART OF EACH SHOE BE PERFECTLY CRAFTED BUT ALSO THEMATICALLY CONSISTENT. the queen of attolia. megan whalen turner. my favorite part is the end dialogue on the toes. because i can hear it in my head along the rhythm of the high heels as i walk. so you get a close up of that. anyway i never showed you guys because i couldn't figure out the adapter on my phone. but i just did! and thought you might like these!. i am not a very good crafter but THEY ARE A TESTAMENT OF LOVE. queen's thief. book shoes.

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