here is a fun story: a couple days ago i went to a reading/discussion panel with a few ya authors published in the last year! i won’t tell you who they were but like, i had seen all of their books around, and you probably have as well; they all had multi-book contracts. and all of their main characters, as they discussed their books, seemed to be white, straight, and cis. which i found distressing! so after about half an hour of the q&a portion i asked, very politely, to what extent they were as authors concerned or involved with the social contexts of their books and more particularly the struggle for diversity in ya lit

reader, i broke them 

it was three authors and they had absolutely no idea what to say to me but they collectively babbled for literally twenty minutes, all staring at me, becoming increasingly defensive as i did not smile and nod back. here are some of the things they said to me:

here is a tip, authors everywhere: maybe think about this shit as you are writing your book. as many people have explained if you research this at all, simply not writing any marginalized characters does not in fact exclude you from the problematic social contexts of your book nor make your all-white all-straight cisliterature less oppressive in any way, as i think you and these authors probably realize! and if you do not want to sound like a massive tool,when someone calls you out on it, then perhaps you should try harder.

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    I totally agree with that. Except that when white people do write poc or lgtb character, they get criticized even more...
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