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"Isn't writing, for most people at least, about enjoyment? I mean, if I ever do get to write something then I hope it's going to be about, for example, a gay teen protagonist rather than a stereotypical straight white cis nineties antihero, but that's because I'd enjoy writing a gay teen rather than the stereotypical antihero. To be perfectly honest I don't have enough self-confidence to believe I'd be helping anyone through my writing, I'd just be trying to enjoy myself (and maybe pay for food)."

what i have found is the most useful thing is to pretend that everything i say is of tremendous importance to everyone who hears it. like, yeah, most people probably don’t too much weight on my particular opinion or listen very attentively to everything i say. i am not a very important person, even if i am a very fabulous person. 

but sometimes things stick. and sometimes people remember things they hear on the street and from acquaintances and from random people on the internet. and so if i am going to say anything, or i suppose write anything, i want to make sure that it doesn’t do any harm— couldn’t do any harm. that i do not say anything i could not later defend or that i would be truly ashamed to have repeated. you know, CORNINESS ALERT, i am not the boss of very much, but i am the boss of me. and if i am one tiny meaningless voice, i still want to make sure that i am speaking things that i think will help and that i think will do good, on the offchance that people might be listening. because i am listening also! and i want to like myself, and it makes me feel good about myself to try to… do good.

so that is also enjoyment! and i think it does not take away from enjoyment to think critically about the things you say or do— rather, if you do not, then at some point it will lead to rather a lot of non-enjoyment for you. or at least it would for me. i think it does feel good to become better and to make other people feel good, and it makes your enjoyment more meaningful when you don’t have to not think about it.

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