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"hi! I honestly forgot how I came to follow you but I'm pretty sure it had to do with your excellent words and just excitement in general about things. I wanted to ask though, do you think watching GOT is worth it? I only know about as much as internet-osmosis can tell you but lots of times it just seems.. really tragic? Highs and (seemingly lots of) lows. With this latest bit about Brienne, it just seems like a big letdown that idk if I want to sink my time into. (can answer privately or not)"

eaeeeeeeeeeegh, idk, i would say probably no. i read the first two books several years ago and was like AGH FUCK THIS FOR A BAG OF CRAWFISH and forgot about them and then watched with friends and was unimpressed by the first two episodes and then spent the next two years resisting it while also simultaneously getting ridiculously invested in sansa stark on the internet and like, reblogging everything i saw about her and crying about her and getting into REAL LIFE DOCUMENTED INTERNET FIGHTS ABOUT HER and then finally i was like you know what

fuck it

and basically, there are like five characters that i’m super into (sansa, cersei, brienne, catelyn, ygritte, margaery, arya, yara, other combinations of those letters, that red chick, ok all the chicks) and a bunch of characters that i care a lot about even when like i think there’s shit that’s fucked up about the way we’re supposed to see and care about them (tyrion and daenerys and jaime) and then a bunch of characters that i just don’t give a shit

which is most of the characters

but for me personally it’s worth it i guess because MY LOVES, i am a machine driven entirely by tears, and i’m invested in some ladies and i guess they feel really real to me? even when they get treated terribly which they all do—

bcs do not let anyone lie to you, this show is ridiculously misogynistic and racist and homophobic. and it tries to be like ~oh we’re examining real world issues in a fantasy realm~ but like, no. no they’re not, or they’re not doing it will, or they’re perpetuating and fetishizing as much as they are exposing (hbo joke here)—

and the world building is fucked up and boring and every “”insightful”“” thing someone says is a hot pot of shit unless they’re sansa stark

anyway. no! i would not recommend getting into game of thrones if you can help it. but i am still watching it! so. 

eta: forgot to reiterate that this show is very triggering for sexual violence; there are several onscreen rapes and attempted rapes as well as scenes of sexual abuse, sexual violence, and sexualized humiliation or exploitation. also tw for all kinds of graphic violence including against children and animals. thanks numinouswords!

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  1. katherinegryffindor said: gah one of my guy friends is super into GoT and he was telling me how good it was and i was like “sorry too much rape for me i’m not going to watch it” and then he and this other guy had the most clueless discussion of rape ever it was kinda sad
  2. numinouswords said: also worth mentioning: allllll the trigger warnings, seriously. I couldn’t make it through the first episode. on the other hand, I think what the show is like is pretty well established in that first ep so it’s easy to figure out if you’d like it?
  3. yesknopemaybe said: Truth. I kind of hate it, but I can’t quit Sansa. Or any of the other ladies either really.
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