eskonenineteen said,
"So I saw you read Sunshine, and I have just finished reading Sunshine, and WOW WHAT A GOOD BOOK. I love everything about it but especially Sunshine and Con. (Also I probably would not have read it if I didn't remember seeing it in your recs tag, so there's that.)"

I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVED SUNSHINE have you heard yet the pain of every human heart which is that like there might be a sequel to sunshine and there was apparently a planned sequel to sunshine but robin mckinley does what she wants and at this point there will probably never be any makeouts that don’t involve the spilling of deer blood and/or unnervingly vacillating vampire body temperatures  in a pitch black room

aka the best makeouts

that went to a weird place pretty fast but I AM SO HAPPY YOU FOUND AND LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my other favorite thing besides sunshine/con and their gross weirdness is the unnecessarily erotic descriptions of baked goods

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  1. theopensea said: there is very little Sunshine/Con fanfic (Robin McKinley apparently doesn’t like it) but if any pairing deserves oodles of smut, it’s Sunshine/Con. I wanna read the fic where she feeds him and then they bone.
  2. thefemmekraken said: I literally dogeared every sex scene in sunshine due to my buried sexuality/attraction to sunshine ANSI still read that copy once a year. Once a year, I think about quitting my life and becoming a baker. … coincidences, I swears it.
  3. manticoreimaginary said: Sunshiiiiiiiine <3 <3 <3 Con is the sexiest rotting mushroom vampire.
  4. oswinina said: This is on my To-Be-Read Shelf and now I’m more excited to read it! :D
  5. allyrantz said: I love that Robin McKinley does not put up with people demanding sequels and answers but I also secretly want to demand a sequel for this book sooo much
  6. nerdyninjanicole said: i need to reread sunshine. that book is so delightful in every way.
  7. awkwardbee said: "unnecessarily"?
  8. starlingprince-archive said: AHHH your loving and accurate description of sunshine. it’s just really lovely to see it on my dash and i remember adoring it a lot especially the descriptions of all the cinnamon rolls and the vampire’s skin akin to old mushrooms (or something).
  9. glintglimmergleam said: GOD THE BAKED GOODS her food porn is more purple than her actual porn; but it is so greaaaaat
  10. queenofattolia said: SO MUCH baking porn. So. Much.
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