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"what did you think about the most recent ep of elementary?"

it made me really uncomfortable that a plotline ostensibly about joan and sherlock working to ensure the safety of several teenage girls who had been raped and videotaped was all about the feelings and actions of those girls’ protective/angry fathers

and that we never got to hear like, literally anything from any of those girls except for “hi, my dad’s in the den.” did they know about the tapes? what did they want their families and fathers to do? how would they have responded to the blackmailers or their deaths? what would they have done? who knows. let’s talk to some more men about how they act on or on behalf of girls’ bodies.

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askbox. rape cw. elementary. i liked the one year anniversary stuff though. i liked that a lot.

  1. queerravenclaw said: not to mention the fatphobia ¬_¬
  2. dandoesfandom said: And the fat jokes were extra special. You dropped the ball, show. You were doing so well.
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