i thought it might be cool to do a GROUP REC LIST of poc and/or queer young adult & middle grade authors!!!!!!! so i started off with 15 authors i’ve loved and i thought IF YOU WANT, you could reblog and add more people whose books you would recommend and then we could have a groovy GROUP RESOURCE THING spotlighting marginalized author voices! xoxo

  1. dia reeves
  2. walter dean myers
  3. louise fitzhugh
  4. malinda lo
  5. nnedi okorafor
  6. nancy garden
  7. walter mosley
  8. benjamin alire sáenz
  9. cindy pon
  10. sherman alexie
  11. thanhhai lai 
  12. jacqueline woodson
  13. virginia hamilton
  14. madeleine george
  15. hiromi goto
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book rec. lists. GROUP REC LIST DO IT. please tell me if any of these authors or their works are harmful or oppressive in some way i have failed to notice. and i will REMOVE THEM. from the earth. i am also thinking of doing one of these for picture book authors bcs i have read. an absurd number of picture books in the past couple of months. OKAY BYE.

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