ANYWAY what my little sister wanted to point out to me was that harry opens the song with “i think i’m gonna lose” and then by the time we get to louis’ verse it’s “i think i’m gonna win”

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Come on people, let’s get this word into circulation ASAP, it’s della’s creation


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Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers Below


it’s no secret that i watch grey’s anatomy. i can’t help it, and i don’t care who knows it. 

this season presented the writers with so many opportunities to start a real and true dialogue about the modern woman, and yet they were all turned upside down and written the same way any other conservative writer might have written them. grey’s anatomy has always been a show that shows women and people of color in high-powered positions without drawing attention to that fact or making a circus out of it. last season, a lesbian [and interracial] couple got married and had a baby. this is not a show that has always played by the same rules, which is why i’ve come to expect a certain amount of liberalism while watching it. and after eight seasons and millions of viewers, i would suspect that showrunner shonda rhimes is able to call the shots when she wants to. 

this season, cristina yang [sandra oh] had an abortion. if we rewind a bit, she actually came within an inch of an abortion in season two, but had a very convenient ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the bursting of her fallopian tube. over the course of the series, cristina has made it glaringly obvious she doesn’t want children. this of course means that her character is cold and distant. her husband hoped that eventually, she would ‘grow up’ and want children, no matter how many times she told him that wasn’t the case. fast forward to the season seven finale when she discovers that she’s pregnant. even though her husband tried to convince her that she would change her mind, she knew that being a surgeon was more important. owen wanted her to think about it, consider his point of view, and he even tried to convince her that if she would just casually, you know, have the baby, he’d take care of it [what?]. they fought about it, he kicked her out of their house [that she bought, by the way], but eventually in the season eight premiere he came around and went with her to her appointment. ‘finally,’ i thought, ‘someone has the balls to allow a woman on television to exercise her legal right to choose, and her husband ended up being supportive. no consequences. no fallout. no over the top pro-life agenda.’ 

wrong, lauren. 

a few episodes pass with no discussion of it, but cristina and owen don’t really talk to each other. it’s awkward. but why? because she had an abortion and he just pretended to be supportive? doesn’t that make him the bad guy, not her? absolutely not. their relationship is tense for a few more episodes, until he finally explodes on her at a party and screams, ‘YOU KILLED OUR BABY’ in front of all of their friends and colleagues. first of all, this guy is a doctor, but he thinks abortion is murder? someone revoke his license. but more importantly, the message comes through loud and clear from the writers: women, you should NOT have an abortion, your husband will hate you, and you cannot afford to be childless AND husbandless. that is the worst possible thing. more episodes pass, and we find out that her husband has cheated on her. he just couldn’t handle how hard it is to love her, he says. and as viewers, we’re really supposed to feel for him and his pain. we’re supposed to believe cristina has ruined his life by not giving him children, that she should be the one to change. that having an abortion was the worst possible thing he could do, and that cheating is justified if your wife has an abortion. here was a golden opportunity for a couple to come to the very mature decision to not have a baby, to terminate a pregnancy, to send a message to women in america [and dozens of other countries] that it’s okay to make this decision. that it’s okay to not want children. at a time in history when women’s rights are being called into question almost daily, when we’re actually having to march for our rights all over again as though roe v wade never happened, here we have a major ranking prime time drama, a television show that carries its network with ratings, telling us that if we dare to have an abortion, we’d better be ready to suffer the consequences. 

and on the other side of the spectrum, viewers found out last season that april kepner was a 28 year old virgin. as viewers, we were supposed to find it funny or sad. she simply said she was waiting for the right time, but then she kept getting older and now it was just sort of embarrassing and it’s something she doesn’t talk about. it didn’t come up much more than that, just a few times, but never in a malicious way. she almost gave her special flower to alex karev before he kind of flipped out on her and yelled at her. so she waited some more. until this week, when she ‘finally’ decides, while drunk of course, to do the dirty deed with her [super crazy hot] pal jackson. she explains that she’s just been waiting for the right time and sort of drunkenly talks about how stupid that is, because if something feels good, she should just do it. i enjoy sexually empowered april. once again, i thought, ‘here is a good opportunity for this show to take a woman’s sexuality and make it something empowering, not shameful.’

wrong again, lauren. 

first of all, why did she have to be drunk? isn’t that just a little too dawson’s creek for this show? maybe just a bit too 90s teen drama in general? this isn’t felicity sleeping with that random guy in the art studio. come on. i get that it was drama, and maybe it was funny, or maybe we were supposed to relate. of course, predictably, april is totally devastated. she just had amazing hot sex with her amazingly hot friend who she trusts and feels safe with. nothing bad happened. he’s sweet and he knows her and he understands that this is important to her. and yet, after never ever once mentioning religion, she tells him the next morning, ‘i was saving myself because i love jesus. and now jesus hates me.’ again, i’m left staring at my television, thinking, ‘wait, what the WHAT? who said anything about jesus?’ this was never about jesus. this was about a grown adult woman waiting for the right time that might never come, and taking her sexuality into her own hands. because there isn’t always a right time. most people lose their virginity and it’s quick and it’s weird and it’s not really great feeling. and if we’re honest with ourselves, most people wish they waited longer or that the person had been more important or something had been different. i’ve never heard someone say, ‘i wish there had been more candles’ or ‘i wish jesus told me it was okay.’ if this plot were about a teenager, that sort of ‘oh no, i lost my innocence, what do i do now?’ plot might be a bit more expected [although still completely ridiculous, for the obvious reason that the angel on our shoulder doesn’t live in our vagina and suddenly become homeless when we have sex], but i feel like this was a chance for the writers to show that women are capable of making their own sexual decisions. it’s okay for a 28 year old woman to decide she’s ready to have sex. for her to realize that there’s never going to be a fairy tale moment, and that this time she shared with her friend whom she trusts is a fine circumstance. for a show where people seem to haphazardly sleep with their coworkers so much that OSHA should step in, it just seems too forced, too obvious, and too contrived to have a perfectly intelligent and capable woman who decides that after losing her virginity that jesus hates her. what a kick to the gut. what a waste. 

i’m sure next week, the surgeons will all have to work together to unlock a grown woman’s chastity belt. perhaps they can sew a scarlet A into someone’s chest with their suture kit? stay tuned, ladies.

I’ve mentioned the problems I’ve been having with Grey’s Anatomy and last night’s episode was no different. There are spoilers above so if you don’t want to know what happens don’t read. This really sums up WHY I’m so disappointed with that show.



Bolding mine.

I have more than a few issues with some of the writing choices on the show, and these are two prominent examples.

I am so unhappy with Cristina’s entire plotline this season, please stop humbling this incredible woman, please stop making her cry, please stop sympathizing the man who REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE HER RIGHTS OVER HER BODY AND HER LIFE, please stop making her compromise and apologize and doubt herself!!!!!!!

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Betty: I really like you, Kate
Kate: I like you too, Betty
— Bomb Girls

Thank god this has been renewed for another season because my heart can’t take how this played out. FEELINGS! AGONY! OH GOD WHY!?!

ok my confusion about all of the resulting kate-hate is as follows

i would not be okay with being kissed by someone whose feelings for me have not been clearly stated i would be not be okay with being kissed by someone whom i was not aware harbored romantic feelings for me i would not be okay with being kissed by someone having only recently escaped from a toxic abusive environment where one wrong move can result in catastrophic consequences for myself i would not be okay with being kissed when i was not expecting to be kissed and had clearly demonstrated that i am okay with being kissed.

and as a matter of fact i would probably hit her and shut down into full monosyllabic ptsd coping mode and get away get away get away from that situation and then go cry forever.

because when you are abused, Unexpected Events are the absolute worst. when you are abused you have to plan for absolutely everything because like it or not the abuser’s actions Make Sense and it’s usually because you failed to plan for something. Something comes in and fucks with your plan? you better hold the fuck on because oh look the sky is fucking falling.

and as a matter of fact i find myself kind of pissed at betty in this situation



i love you dearly

but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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So here is a little test for the ladies. Now I know a lot of you have that really nice best guy friend that likes you (and you know he likes you). I want you, just for once, to pick the nice guy. I will guaranty you that you’ll be happier with him then the other guys you usually date.

but I’m gay though

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Harry Belafonte and Martin Luther King Jr.


Harry Belafonte and Martin Luther King Jr.

on purpose.

on purpose.

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